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Gov. Ricketts Congratulates Morio USA on Lincoln Facility Expansion

Thu, August 4, 2016

Morio USA Corporation received many congratulations on the opening of a new 11,436 sq. ft. facility in Lincoln.  Morio USA, a manufacturer of electronic sign displays commissioned a new $3 million dollar that facility marks Lincoln as the home for both manufacturing and warehousing of Morio USA’s products. Governor Pete Ricketts, Mayor Chris Beutler, Partnership President Wendy Birdsall and others gathered to speak to the achievement this is for Morio USA and the state of Nebraska.

“Congratulations to Morio on this expansion, and thank you for your continued investment in Nebraska,” said Governor Ricketts.  “The company’s decision to select Lincoln for this expansion is a testament to Nebraska’s business-friendly environment and mutual investments in a strong relationship between the state and the company over many years.”

“We appreciate the continued investment by Morio USA in Lincoln,” said Birdsall. “Morio’s important relationship with Kawasaki makes this expansion another example of how quality Japanese companies are thriving in our city. We are proud to be a place with a business environment that supports the continual success and ambition of these companies.”

This new facility comes at a perfect time; Morio USA recently decided to triple their capital, adding $2 million. Several Japanese companies are currently finding great opportunity for expansion and partnerships in Lincoln. Morio Denki first established its presence in August 2013 and began operations in separate office and warehouse buildings in January 2014.  The company outsourced production of its products to another Japanese company, Daitron, also located here.  For now, most of the manufacturing in the new facility will be done by Daitron employees. Over time, Morio Denki workers will take over full production.

Morio USA Corporation’s main customer is Kawasaki, which is Lincoln’s and the state’s first Japanese investment.  Kawasaki has been in Nebraska since 1974 and remains the state’s largest Japanese investment.  Kawasaki will begin producing Metro North and Long Island Railroad M-9 rail cars in March 2017 with a base contract for 92 cars and a potential option to add 584 cars to operate between Manhattan and Long Island—a project valued at $1.8 billion with the need for approximately 200 additional production workers.

“We are so pleased to now make our home in one location,” said Morio USA President Ohashi.

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